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Portico Real Estate Investments & Portico Residential LLC (“Portico”) entities both have historical links to its family-owned concrete construction business established in San Antonio by the late Natividad Pachecano in 1950.  Known for its delivery of high quality, friendly service, and innovative construction techniques, Pachecano & Sons Concrete Company thrived in the post WWII era.

By the early 1960s, the company grew to 300 employees and built the foundations in many of the first tier subdivisions in San Antonio, including concrete bridges and civil engineered storm drainage systems. In the 1970s, the construction company dissolved and left only real estate interests to manage. Omar Pachecano, the youngest son and heir, dissolved the company to pursue a career in building churches throughout Texas. This ‘calling’ eventually led him to become the President of the Baptist University of the Americas in San Antonio--an institution Pachecano & Sons Concrete Company poured the foundations 40 years before--completing a full circle. By the mid 1990s, the family real estate holdings were a modest size.

Today, under the leadership of the next generation of the Pachecano family, Omar’s youngest son, Roy R. Pachecano, has continued the family’s legacy. Roy has taken the family business into new directions, expanding into real estate development and advisory services. As an extension of his work with law firms, he continues building a unique platform geared towards land use, zoning, and regulatory oversight. He is also an avid teacher, writer and researcher seeking to infuse his investment projects with advanced technologies, and studied application of new construction methods. The business serves a broader market base no longer limited to region (nor concrete).

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Portico Residential appears in new book, “Old Places New Spaces,” by Patricia McMillan,, highlighting 26 prominent historic homes in San Antonio.  
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Portico Residential LLC was recognized by the City of San Antonio on its 10th anniversary during the ‘Cinco de Mayo’ holiday, formed on 05-05-05. Thank you to our many, many clients for the integrity and straight-forward honesty you have found in our work ethic and for placing your TRUST in us to handle your real estate concerns ranging from small to mega-large: effectively allowing us to help you in real estate valued at over half-billion dollars [USD] since our creation.
Representing San Antonio, Portico Residential LLC member Roy R. Pachecano was appointed to the Texas Historic Commission Friends - a statewide organization helping to oversee, invest and preserve designated Texas landmarks across the state. Appointed to 3-year term; THCF meets in Austin, Texas.

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Postscript: The entity, Portico Residential LLC, closed for business December 31, 2016.